As the COVID-19 measures continue Don't Mess with the Don is following social distancing guidelines as we continue our work to keep the Don Valley Ravines clean and protected. Now, more than ever, our green spaces are important to each of us as we try and social distance while maintaining our physical and mental health.


Earth Week Challenge

Don't Mess with the Don will be holding their 2nd Annual Earth Week Trash Challenge.
A great way to get outside and help clean up the Don or your local park with the chance
to win some great prizes.

Entries accepted any time between April 18th and April 25th

To win you must:
  • Do a social distance pick in a local park or Don that needs a cleanup
  • Take some fun pics or short videos.
  • Post pictures on Instagram or Facebook tagged with @dont_mess_with_the_don.
  • Send a picture and link to your post to trash@dontmesswiththedon.ca
Prizes will be sponsored by our friends at Salomon, Rally Beer Co, Dismount Bike Shop, Endurance Tap, Arc'Teryx, Patagonia and Fjall Raven. Hoping for a great success like our last years' challenge. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of posts of everyone out doing their part to help care for our green spaces. The winners will be contacted by April 30th.

Be safe and have fun!

Community Letter to Metrolinx

The following letter was submitted to Metrolinx regarding our ongoing advocacy to reconsider the slated location for its transfer centre.
We all agree that the City and the Province need to prioritize innovative infrastructure projects; continued transit and development expansion is necessary to ensure our City remains first class. But our infrastructure projects need to be undertaken and executed in a first-class manner.

Canada prides itself as being a parliamentary democracy where citizens, through exercising their voting rights, have a responsibility and a right to let their voices be heard in the decisions that affect their lives. For our democracy to work as designed, there need to be transparent forums for meaningful consultation and engagement; contracting out of community engagement undermines the very pillars that our democracy is founded upon.

Development for development’s sake is not a win for government or communities; our infrastructure projects need to be smartly designed, they need to be cost-effective, and they need to weigh the cost to our environment. We believe it can be done - we can build a first-class province with ongoing transit and development projects with our long-term goals in mind. Torontonians shouldn’t have to settle for less.

We, the groups of Respect Toronto Ravines (smallscreek.ca), Save Jimmie Simpson, Don’t Mess with the Don, Lakeshore East Community Advisory Committee (LE-CAC), Pape Area Concerned Citizens for Transit (PACCT) and Respect Local Planning are united in our plea:

We need real and meaningful consultation to be actively layered into the infrastructure projects that impact our communities. Metrolinx and the Province of Ontario need to ensure (i) development and transit expansion is designed to protect our green space and prioritize the environment, and (ii) impacted communities are effectively and transparently consulted. We urge our elected authorities to engage in meaningful two-way consultation with provincial stakeholders in a transparent and mutually beneficial manner.

Let’s build smart, cost-effective, environmentally progressive projects.
Also in case you missed it, our very own Floyd Ruskin was featured in an interview that clearly explains the decades of work that went into restoring and conserving the Don Valley, and why the proposed Metrolinx layover is "a slap in the face" and a big step back in history.
Have a look at https://youtu.be/uACJMBjZC5w

Social Distancing Pop UP Cleanups

We continue to have weekly pop-up cleanups that we have been posting on our Facebook Page.

Due to health guidelines:
  • We will not be meeting, gathering or getting together as a group.
  • We will work individually, except for family units while maintaining our physical separation of a minimum of 2 meters at all times.
  • Face covering recommended.
  • Bring your own gloves and a refillable water bottle.
We will stage bags and hand sanitizer at central spots to minimize interactions. Utilize this as your outdoor exercise time and please return home after you are done.

This year to date we have removed over 815 bags of garbage, 30 shopping carts, 67 tires, 4 boats, 3 strollers, 9 bikes, 18 suitcases, a motorcycle, a car bumper, 6 Jerry cans, 2 couches, a mattress and a wheelchair

Total weight more or less - 32,265 pounds in 2021

As always, If you can't make it, grab some bags and tidy up your local park or green space for an hour.

Endurance Tap Change Maker Program

Endurance Tap's ChangeMaker program is in place that will donate 5% of your purchase price to Don't Mess with the Don. Simply enter 'sean' as a discount code box at checkout to make this happen! Great way to fuel up while helping to keep the Don Valley Clean and protected.

Thank You

We would like to thank the following people who have one way or another, made our work possible:
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