A Celebration of Stewardship and Volunteering

On July 1, come and join Don’t Mess With the Don as we host a stewardship activity at our adopted spot in the Don Valley.
Joining us will be Toronto Nature Stewards from across the city, to help in removing invasive plants, weeding, planting native plants, watering and other jobs necessary to a healthy urban greenspace.
Stewardship takes on many roles from picking up trash and illegal dumping to tree planting, invasive control and even wildlife monitoring. Don’t Mess With the Don and TNS will be available to answer questions on how you can get involved with us or in your community – this is a safe, physically distanced outdoor activity for all ages and skill levels.
Our July 1 outing is generously sponsored by the @millar.karen Real Estate Team with snacks from Desjardins Insurance and refreshments provided by @rallybeerco
Meet us at the trailhead in the s/e corner of Loblaws Redway parking lot (11 Redway Road). Look for our Don’t Mess With the Don signs. We have a limited supply of gardening tools, so if you are able, please bring your own!


  1. Dorothy Russel

    What sort of tools would be useful?

  2. Eva Goldstein

    Please add me to your mailing list

  3. Dale

    I’m interested in learning more.

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