Mission Statement

Don’t Mess with the Don was founded in April 2018 by a core group of 5 members. In the time since then DMWTD has removed over 170,000 of garbage from the Don Valley. We have created a large stewardship site dedicated to removing invasive species from the valley and planting important native species. We have built strong relationships with like minded organizations, advocated to politicians and funding sources, involved businesses and communities and expanded our impact in thoughtful and important ways. We have had the honour to have thousands of incredible volunteers join us in this work. We are and always have been completely volunteer run. In June of 2021, DMWTD became an official charity, an important milestone in our history. With the generous support of so many people and companies, DMWTD is able to continue to improve many aspects of the Don Valley and the City of Toronto.

In the DMWTD community, there is an unspoken commitment to the idea of giving back. This idea of volunteer is rooted in the deeply felt desire to do important work and in the process, find community. Through volunteering, there is a sense of self worth and joy that is very powerful.  By literally seeing the changes you make…from a garbage strewn ravine to a  natural setting or a field once full of invasive species now restored….the sense of satisfaction is immense.

We remain committed to the fundamentals which we believe in and are our mission:

DMWTD believes in inspiring and unlocking the passion people possess for change. We believe in connecting this common desire individuals have for positive transformation with an easily accessible forum for change. Our mission is to bind a volunteers belief in environmental change and the great satisfaction that comes with seeing that difference realized.

DMWTD believes that small acts of volunteerism are powerful and joining them together strengthens opportunity and impact.

DMWTD believes a volunteer who participates in an organization event should come away with a feeling of joy, a sense of empowerment and a greater fundamental connection to community and planet.