City Council approves additional 2.7M annual funding to clean up and protect Toronto’s Ravines

January 30 2020

The City of Toronto voted unanimously to approve additional 2.7M annual investment into cleaning, restoring and protecting our ravines! We fought hard for this, together with dozens of groups and invested individuals.

Additionally, several motions were adopted that will greatly enhance and improve the way that advocacy groups like ours can do volunteer work in the ravines to help clean up and remove invasive species. City will also be looking into stronger enforcement and fines of illegal dumping in the ravines.

See below the deputation from Don’t Mess with the Don in support of the Ravine Strategy:

Many thanks to John Tory, Jennifer McKelvie, James Pasternak, Paula Fletcher, Anthony Perruzza Mike Layton Mike Colle for pushing on various fronts to get these motions passed, and the groups that worked on the ravine strategy, and those who voiced their concerns to Council through letters, conversations, petitions and deputations: Evergreen UofT Forestry, Midtown Ravines Group, Andrew Simpson Toronto Botanical GardenToronto Field NaturalistsToronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation

For the full list of motions passed, click and scroll down:…

To read the Toronto Ravine Strategy document:

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  1. rob Kaufman

    very good to see all this good work in many ravines

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