DMWTD Environmental Advocacy Continues at Toronto City Council’s Executive Committee

On November 18, DMWTD deputed to the executive committee on the importance of keeping industry from returning to the Don Valley. We used the city staff report on the Metrolinx Service facility as the base for our comments (in red).



  1. MadDog

    Great job! I’m here to help but my English is not good. I only say bad words
    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you

  2. Brian EastYork

    As a marginally interested person, trying to understand more… I am frustrated at the use of acronymns and short forms. I don’t know all the players in this game, trca, mlx tteo etc. Could easily fix with spellcheck next time… help the beginners.

    Glad you made the points you did. (the historic designation doens not permit visual disruption.) etc. And what alternatives might exist. ..

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