Don’t Mess With The Don has formed numerous partnerships with many different businesses. We are always open to building relationships that are a strategic and positive fit for the Don Valley. Co-operative partnerships can take many forms and can be one time or repeating like annual clean ups.

  1. Sponsoring a cleanup or event.

A clean up event is a great way for a business to help out. We provide all the logistics for the clean up and it is a a great opportunity for local businesses to connect with their community. Our organization has so many wonderful volunteers who appreciate the support. Helping with costs such as T-shirts, food and drinks, clean up necessities like bags and gloves does so much to help us in the Valley. Please contact Floyd at

2. Businesses who are looking for volunteer opportunities or businesses looking for us to organize a cleanup with their employees.

Many businesses ask if they can bring their employees out for an event to help out in the Don. We can provide you with an upcoming list of events or if you have a large employee group, more than 25, we can organize a specific event around your company. Please contact John Scott at

3. Donating or offering products or goods.

Don’t Mess with the Don is a registered charity and is fully supported by donations. Helping us out means we can help out the environment and 100% of any donation goes directly into supporting our work. We are 100% volunteer run and have no fundraising overhead. We really appreciate the help we get from the many companies who either offer funds or products which we can use to help us with one of our programs, i.e. gardening supplies or plants for stewardship, garbage bags for clean ups or art supplies for our children’s art program. Product donations are also great for giving back to volunteers at events particularly cleanups where we do draws along with a BBQ to thank everyone for all the hard work. We can give a gift-in-kind charity receipt.

4. Sponsoring a capital initiative, i.e. purchasing core equipment and items.

DMWTD is raising money for important capital project like the recent acquisition of our new container at the Loblaws Trailhead. Associated costs for the container, such as paint and supplies for the nearly finished mural, are also a major capital cost. If you are interested in finding out more about how your business can sponsor a specific capital or program item we would really appreciate it. Please contact Sean at