DMWTD Stewardship Program

Since the spring of 2020 DMWTD has been stewarding an ever growing site in the Don Valley. The location is in the Sun Valley loop in Crothers Woods. The Don Valley is plagued by a variety of invasive species which threaten the biodiversity and the very existence of native plants, insects, animals and other life in the Valley. Primary amongst the invasive species that is the greatest threat is Dog Strangling Vine. This vine originates from the Ukraine where it is rare due to natural predators however in North America it propagates unchecked, supplanting almost all native plants and devastating Milkweed and the habitat for Monarch Butterflies.



Our stewardship program has aggressively attacked the problem through the removal of DSV and weekly maintenance of the site. We accomplish this by first removing the DSV through pulling and cutting to prevent seed growth and spread followed by root removal and replanting of native species including Milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, Indian Grass and many other plants.

We meet every Wednesday at 3:30 at our Home, the Container at the Loblaws trailhead at 11 Redway Road. We provide all the training, tools and means to rebuild the native plant foundation in the Valley. We have an amazing team of knowledgeable stewards and volunteers but we are tackling the greatest threat to the Valley and green spaces all over the North East of Canada and the US which is invasive species and are looking for volunteers.

For more information please contact

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