June 1st – Ravine #13 Clean

***please read if you are volunteering***

Thank you for volunteering to help us clean the Ravines!  We are getting everything in order to make the day go as smoothly as possible.  We are looking forward to working with all of you to get as much trash out  the  last  and worst ravine surronding E.T. Seton.

What we all did April 27th was simply amazing! Unfortunately, there is one more ravine that still needs to be cleared.  We had set this one ravine aside because of the amount of debris and difficult terrain,  but also for the UofT Varsity Mountain Bike Team yearly cleanup which happened this past weekend. They were able to make a good dent in the garbage, removing over 300 bags, but there is still a lot left and we want to get it all out. We are now setting our sights on removing all garbage form ravine #13.

If you missed our the April 27th clean up or want to come back out to help finish the job we’ll be happy to have you join us:

Date: Saturday, June 1st at 10-2pm.

Location: at the back of 75 Thorncliffe Park Dr. (see map)

Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/302150334071894/

Since most of the remaining garbage is towards the top of the ravine we will be accessing the area from the top of the hill. It’s going to be steep and challenging – so bring shoes with good gip and clothes that may rip. Bags and gloves will be provided.

Now onto the details, I know it is a lot but please review so you are ready for the day.

What to Wear

Please wear appropriate clothes for being in the weather for the day, and clothes that may get dirty.  Wear layers so you can add and remove as needed. Please wear footwear that can get dirty and wet. We suggest boots or hiking shoes with enough grip as the slopes are steep and can get slippery.

What to Bring

Please bring a reusable container for water and/or coffee as we are trying to minimize waste and litter.  . Gloves and bags will be provided.

Getting there

You can find us at the top of the access road to E.T. Seton Park, which is accessible via an entrance road next to Thorncliffe Park Drive 73 and 75.

  • TTC –  Take the 88 Bus from St. Clair Station or 81 Bus from Pape Station to Thorncliffe Park Drive
    • From Pape Station, the 81 Thorncliffe Park Bus drives northbound and will loop around Thorncliffe Park Drive where it stops in front of Thorncliffe Park Public School.
    • From St. Clair Station take the 88 South Leaside Bus.  The 88A arrives from same side as 81. The 88B arrives from North and you can get off at East York Town Centre Mall.
  • Biking – If you are biking to the clean up site can be reached from the north side of E.T. Seton park via the Don Trail, and from the east side through Taylor Creek Park and the underpass.
  • Driving – If you must drive please park at either Thorncliffe Public School, the South East parking lot of East Town Centre, or the Park Parking at bottom of the hill  and walk  to meet us  behind 75 Throncliffe Park.

Cleanup Tips

Our Friends at  Toronto Field Naturalists have provided some useful tips for a safe and responsible clean up.  We highly recommend you review them before Saturday. see link.


If you like to post something on social media about our clean up, it would be great if you could use the following hashtags: #cleantheravine and #dontmesswiththedon.  Thanks!

We  are looking forward to worknig again with those that have come to our previous cleanups and meeting and working with new volunteers!  We are happy that you all have pledged to be a part of this momentous event!


See you on the Saturday,


The DMWTD Team!